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The MDM Java API is an application programming interface for the MDM software. It allows MDM customers to write customized applications for interacting with the MDMserver.

Users familiar with the now deprecated MDM4j API, first released with MDME 4.0, will notice some important differences with the MDM Java API.

The MDM4J API functions are limited to those dealing with the repository content while the new MDM Java API is more comprehensive and is designed with a more flexible architecture. Its command-oriented approach offers a broad set of functions covering data and repository management as well as MDM Server administration.

This guide focuses on the new MDM Java API


MDM4J API is no longer supported starting with MDM 7.1.

For a more detailed comparison of the two APIs refer to Comparing the MDM4J API to the new MDM Java API .


Background of the New JAVA API

The MDM Java API is designed to be a flexible and robust interface for the MDM Server. The API command classes expose a granular and comprehensive set of functions for basic operations like editing data and searching as well as advanced functionality like repository administration.

The core API is built on top of basic Java in order to make deployment as simple as possible. As a result, you can create programs that run on the simplest JVM as well as deploy programs in a robust J2EE environment.

The development of the new Java API has undergone several stages. It was introduced with MDM 5.5 SP03 and only included four JAR files supplying functionality for server and repository administration.

An additional JAR file was added to the API for SP04 and SP05 enabling management of the repository content as well. As a point of reference, we will refer to this set of five JAR files as the Basic MDM Java API.

As of SP06, the API was extended with an Extension layer that includes more functionality enabling more convenient and user-friendly use of the API.

Using the features in the Extension layer is not mandatory and only supplies an alternative to similar features provided in the Basic API set. However, these features can simplify application development significantly and are recommended as Best Practices for using MDM Java API.

All content in this guide that references the Extension layer, is marked with the
Recommendation icon, Recommendation.




SAP NetWeaver™ Master Data Management


Application Programming Interface


SAP NetWeaver™ Developer Studio


Java Virtual Machine


Software Deployment Manager


Software Deployment Archive


Software Component Archive


Example Code

The example code included in this document contains only the parts relevant for explaining the API usage. Anything else, is omitted (for example constructors or import statements).

The full sample code is provided as a compressed archive at the same location where this guide can be downloaded: OperationsMDM 5.5 SP06 - Java APIMigration Guide or MDM 5.5 - Java APIExamples.

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