Clearing/Reversing a Down Payment 


Clearing the down payment with the invoice amount can alternatively be performed in Financial Accounting or Materials Management. You have to perform this procedure in order to reverse a posting of a down payment on current assets or to reduce a payable by the amount of the down payment.


  1. Call up the transaction as follows:
  2. Menu Path

    Accounting ® Financial Accounting ® Accounts Payable ® Document Entry ® Down Payment ® Clearing

    Transaction Code


  3. On the Clear Vendor Down Payment: Header Data screen, enter the following data:
  4. Field


    Document date

    Today’s date

    Posting date

    Today’s date


    Reference from the first process

    Doc.header text

    Down payment clearing




    Clearing down payment/invoice amount

  5. Choose Process down pmnts.
  6. The item selected is the down payment you entered earlier.

  7. On the Clear Vendor Down Payment: Choose Down Payments screen, select the down payment item and then .
  8. If the system asks you to correct the item marked, proceed as outlined below:

    Double-click on the colored item.

    Enter a descriptive text in the designated field. This will allow you to reconstruct this transaction at a later time.

    Choose Save to post the document.

  9. Bypass any warning message by selecting .
  10. Make a note of the document number.

  11. Choose until the overview tree appears.