Vendor Down Payment Processing 

Down payments made following down payment request

In this process you create a purchase order in Materials Management, that is then filled upon receipt of a down payment. Once goods receipt is posted, you create the invoice in Materials Management invoice verification. Clearing with respect to goods received and goods invoiced is performed automatically.

Because you have already made a down payment, the down payment must be cleared in terms of the invoice amount. Then you make the final payment.

To simplify matters, the down payment request is set for today’s date, just a short time after the purchase order. The down payment occurs on the same day. The invoice is entered with a date ten days from today’s date, and is paid immediately.

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Process Flow

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  1. Entering the Purchase Order
  2. Entering the Down Payment Request
  3. Displaying the Vendor Account
  4. Posting the Down Payment
  5. Displaying a Purchase Order
  6. Displaying the Vendor Account
  7. Processing the Goods Receipt for the Purchase Order
  8. Posting an Incoming Invoice in Materials Management
  9. Clearing/Reversing a Down Payment
  10. Displaying the Vendor Account
  11. Displaying a Purchase Order
  12. Posting the Final Payment
  13. Displaying the Vendor Account