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SAP Global Trade Services (SAP GTS) automates global trade processes and enables you to manage large numbers of business partners, and high volumes of documents while also helping you to comply with changing legal regulations. It facilitates gloabl trade by providing you with the tools you require to respond to governments modernizing their systems and to customs authorities communicating electronically with businesses.

SAP GTS also helps you to avoid costly delays in your import and export processes and allows you to respond quickly to global business opportunities while mitigating financial risks.



SAP GTS is based on SAP Web Application Server 6.20 and 6.40 technology and can be connected to both SAP and non-SAP feeder systems.



SAP GTSconsists of the following key capabilities:

SAP Compliance Management

        Sanctioned party list screening

        Export legal control

        Import legal control


SAP Customs Management

        Customs processing

        Transit procedures

        Trade document printing

        Customs communications


SAP Risk Management

        Restitution handling

        Preference processing

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