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Function documentationUpdating OGA Codes and Conditions


When you use new classification master data for product classification, for example, after uploading the latest valid tariff numbers into your system and reclassifying your products with these new numbers, you can update the dependent assignments of product codes from other governmental authorities (OGA codes) and conditions automatically. In this process, the system updates the assignment of these product codes or conditions to products directly, dependent on the tariff numbers that you assigned them in classification or reclassification. An update of the assigned product codes or conditions is necessary, for example, for classified products whose current tariff numbers no longer need the required OGA codes or conditions or have been assigned new ones.

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We recommend running this function in background processing.

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  • The automatic update of product codes and condition assignments is located in the area menu under   Customs Management  Classification  OGA Codes  Update OGA Codes/Conditions for Product  

  • You can run the update for a specific numbering scheme.

  • To do so, the system determines all the classified products and the currently valid OGA codes or conditions that are valid for the tariff numbers used.

  • If the valid product codes or conditions have changed, the system adjusts them.

  • If you start the function in dialog, the system displays a list of changes it performed for the various objects once the update is complete.