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Function documentation Authorizations 


Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) uses the Structure linkSAP authorization concept to control the access to applications. For more information about the authorization function, see Structure linkUsers and Roles (BC-SEC-USR) and Structure linkChecking Authorizations.


The following table shows the authorization objects available in EWM. For more information, see the relevant system documentation.

Authorization Object



Activity area


Work center


Process warehouse task


Stock at location type ‘warehouse number’


Stock at location type ‘storage bin'


Stock at location type ‘resource’


Stock at location type ‘transportation unit’


Enhancement screen




Create warehouse task


Express delivery company


Physical inventory


Warehouse Request


Storage bin




Logical transactions for RF


Monitoring activities


Inspection document


Inspection document - findings


Inspection document - element


Inspection setup




Special functions


Special functions per warehouse number


Means of transportation


Resource type




Wave templates, condition records for wave template determination


VAS order processing


Quality level

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