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 Mass Changes


The mass maintenance tool allows you to change data for several business partners in one processing step (transaction MASS or MASSD). You can use the tool, for example, for reassigning Customizing attributes or external key fields (e.g. bank key).


You can integrate user-defined data into the mass maintenance tool. To do so, you must implement a class and register it in the maintenance view V_TB053.

Methods exist for all application exits of the mass maintenance tool. Make the settings to register table extensions and new application tables in the transaction MASSOBJ.


You can change the following business partner data in mass maintenance:

  • General data I (attributes from table BUT000)

  • Bank details (attributes from table BUT0BK)

  • Identification numbers (attributes from table BUT0ID)

  • Industries (attributes from table BUT0IS)

  • Roles (attributes from table BUT100)

The changes are carried out using the APIs (Application Programming Interface) for the Business Partner. In addition, authorizations are checked, change documents written and user locks set using the APIs

Note Note

Address data can be changed using the quarterly adjustment of the Business Address Services (BAS). (See the SAP Library under   SAP NetWeaver  Application Platform  Business Services  Business Address Services (BC-SRV-ADR)  Address Checks  SAP Regional Structure  Quarterly Adjustment).  

End of the note.

For more information on mass maintenance, see the SAP Library under Cross-Application Mass Maintenance (CA-GTF-MS) (see Mass Maintenance with the New Interactive Design for the new features for transaction MASSD), as well as in transaction MASSD under Display Help.

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