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 Entering a Lead-Time Offset


This field shows the number of working days before or after the production start date of the superior material when the component must be available.


The lead-time offset is ignored in lead-time scheduling for task lists.


You can enter a negative value or a positive value.

  • Positive value

The component is not required immediately. It can be available this number of days after the start of production.

  • Negative value

The component is required this number of days before the start of production.

Example Example

The following graphic shows how the order finish date of a component relates to the order start date of the superior assembly.

Different lead-time offsets are entered for three different components.

End of the example.

Determining the Order Finish Date for a Component: Example

The start date of the superior assembly is 05/10/98

Lead-time offset

Relation in time to order start date of

superior assembly

1- -


05/ 09 /1998


Start date for superior assembly =

Finish date for subordinate assembly

05/ 10 /1998



05/ 12 /1998

Note Note

This table does not show the start date for the components, as there is insufficient data (on, for example, in-house production time, processing time, or interoperation time).

End of the note.

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