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 Participant List (Report RHTEILN0_ LSO)


This report creates a list of internal and external participants of courses.



You can set parameters to determine what data the report outputs, including:

Course selection

You specify which objects are included in the report:

  • Course group

  • Course type

  • Course

Reporting period

You can specify any period for the reporting.

Normal / essential / waitlist bookings

You can specify whether you want reporting done for participants with normal, essential, or waitlist priority bookings.

Course location

If you enter a valid location, the report only displays resource data at the specified location. No input is interpreted as all locations.

Formatting options

The following formats are possible:

  • Format as attendance list

    If you select this parameter, the attendance list is output as an ABAP-based form. On this screen, you can also create the list in WinWord or PDF format.

  • PDF-based

    If you select the parameters Format as attendance list and PDF-based , the list is output as a PDF-based form.

  • If you select neither parameter Format as attendance list nor PDF-based , the report generates a list in the SAP List Viewer (ALV) Grid Control that can contain any of the following information depending on your layout specifications:

    • Participant name

    • Organizational unit or company (for external participants)

    • Booking priority (essential, normal, or waitlist)

    • Posting date

    • Cost center debited

    • Participation price

    • Course

    • Delivery method

    • Number of bookings received for course

    • Booking date

      For more information about the features and display options of ALV in the documentation of the SAP List Viewer (ALV) Grid Control .

      You can execute the following functions from the list screen:

    • Display and maintain course prices

      Note Note

      If you want to use this function, the value maintained for the SEMIN CCOST switch in Customizing for Training Management under Day-to-Day ActivitiesBookingFee Handling must be = 1.

      End of the note.
    • Display and edit any notes that have been created for participation bookings, and create new notes.

    • Generate an attendance list sapurl_link_0005_0002_0003

    • You can change participation in the collaboration room for a course by choosing Collaboration .

  • With electronic confirmation of participation

    You activate electronic confirmation participation.

Standard selection screen (only pre-report RHXTEILN_LSO)

If you select this indicator and choose , the report branches to the more detailed selection screen of the main report RHTEILN0_LSO before it is executed.

Note Note

On the selection screen of the main report, you can, for example, select objects by status. As a rule, you need not access the standard selection screen since the pre-report has sufficient data selection options. If you do not want to go to the standard selection screen, do not activate this parameter before you choose .

End of the note.


  1. Set the required options on the selection screen.

  2. Choose to start the report.

On the list screen that is output, change the list layout to display data that interests you. Do so by choosing .

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