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 Chart of Accounts List


The chart of accounts list is a directory of all charts of accounts that can be used in a client.


You enter all the charts of accounts that you require for your company in this list. To do this, in the Financial Accounting Implementation Guide, choose Start of the navigation path General Ledger Accounting Next navigation stepG/L Accounts Next navigation stepMaster Data Next navigation stepPreparations Next navigation stepMaintain Chart of Accounts List End of the navigation path .

In the FI system, you can use as many charts of accounts as you require within a client. You can thus meet the varying needs of the individual company codes regarding the chart of accounts structure. The following characteristics of the individual company codes could, for example, place various demands on how the chart of accounts is set up:

  • Location (country)

  • Branch

  • Corporate structure

  • Corporate size

  • Legal requirements

However, several company codes can also use a common chart of accounts if a different grouping of the chart of accounts is not required.

You must assign one chart of accounts to each company code. You therefore need at least one chart of accounts for your company in the system.

Note Note

The chart of accounts is shared by Financial Accounting as well as cost/revenue accounting. The items in a chart of accounts can be both expense or revenue accounts in Financial Accounting and cost or revenue elements in cost/revenue accounting.

End of the note.


If you enter a chart of accounts in the chart of accounts list, note the importance of the following settings:

  • Maintenance language

The chart of accounts is created and changed in one language, the maintenance language. This means that the names of the G/L accounts are created and changed in the maintenance language. If the chart of accounts is used by multiple company codes using varying languages, you can translate the account names into the languages needed. For more information on this, see Translating a Chart of Accounts .

  • Group chart of accounts

You can assign an alternative group chart of accounts to the chart of accounts. For more information, see Chart of Accounts .

  • Length of the G/L account number

You can define the length of the G/L account numbers. The maximum length is ten characters. Internally, the system keeps the account numbers with a ten character length. The system pads purely numeric account numbers with zeroes from the left, and alphanumeric account numbers from the right.

To change the chart of accounts list, read Changing the Chart of Accounts List .

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