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You can use the functions in this component to perform billing for orders in Media Product Sales and Distribution .

Implementation Considerations

You use the billing functions from the standard SAP Sales and Distribution solution to bill orders in Media Product Sales and Distribution.

The corresponding Customizing activities can be found under   Sales and Distribution  Billingin the Implementation Guide.   .Special billing types are required for billing of orders in Media Product Sales and Distribution. These billing types are provided as examples with the standard delivery. The following billing types have been created based on the standard billing types F1, F2 and RE and LR:

  • IS-M Invoice ( JF1 )

  • IS-M Invoice ( JF2 )

  • IS-M Returns Credit Memo ( JRE )

  • IS-M Invoice List ( JLR )

Invoice Lists

You can use the invoice list function to add credit memos for returns to the billing documents for the delivered items. This means the invoice amounts for the individual items are displayed on one document together with the corresponding credit memo amounts from returns.

Billing type JLR was entered as the invoice list type for billing types JF1, JF2, and JRE under   Sales and Distribution  Billing  Billing Documents  Invoice Lists  Assign Invoice List Type to Each Billing Type   . Negative postings are allowed for this billing type JLR.

The following master data is required for this function:

  • Calendar defining the time intervals or days on which the invoice lists are created.

    You must specify this calendar in the field Invoice list dates on the billing screen in the business partner master.

  • You must create pricing condition records for condition type RL00 and output condition records for condition types LR00 and RD01 for the payer.


Note Note

The menu paths quoted in the documentation on the billing functions correspond to the menu structure in the standard SAP Sales and Distribution solution. However, you can also access all these functions from the menu structure in Media Product Sales and Distribution.

End of the note.

You can access the billing functions for orders in Media Product Sales and Distribution by means of the following menu paths:

  • Menu structure for standard SAP Sales and DistributionMenu path:   Logistics  Sales and Distribution  Billing  

  • Menu structure for SAP Media Media Sales and Distribution Menu path:   Logistics  Media Sales and Distribution  Media Product Sales and Distribution  Billing  

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