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 Whitepaper: Balanced Scorecard

Needed: A New Approach to Managing Strategy

Why Is It So Difficult to Implement Strategy?

The Balanced Scorecard: A New Approach to Implementing Strategy

Creating Strategic Focus: The Balanced Scorecard

Designing a Scorecard to Tell the Story of Your Strategy

Case Study: The Balanced Scorecard at Pioneer Petroleum

SAP’s Approach to Facilitating the Design of Effective Balanced Scorecards

Translating Strategy to Action: Strategic Enterprise Management™ and SAP SEM™

Strategic Alignment at the Top

Making Strategy Everyone’s Job

Communication and Education to Create Awareness

Aligning Human Resources

Aligning Financial Resources

Strategic Knowledge Networks

Strategic Feedback and Learning

Management Cockpit

Business Planning and Simulation

Process and Technology

Information Systems to Support the Transformation

SAP Strategic Enterprise Management™

Making It Happen


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