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 Print from Production Order


From production order processing you can print all list types that are allowed in Customizing. (See Prerequisites )


To trigger printing from a production order, choose Functions Print

In the production order, choose OrderSettingsList Control, to display the lists that can be printed.

If you do not want to print all the possible lists, you can limit the lists to be printed in list control. You can also change the settings for the lists to be printed, such as the printer, or the spool retention period.

In the production order, choose OrderSettingsPrint Mode, to change the print mode. The following settings are available:

Online - printing take place after saving

Posting - printing take place in posting

Background - the system generates print jobs

You must print print jobs using the reports PPPRBTCH and PSPRBTCH for networks.

See Issue Print Jobs


In creation and change mode, printing is carried out after the order is saved.

In display mode you can only trigger a reprint, printing is carried out immediately.

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