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 Claims Balance Disbursement Report (HINCREMT)


This function enables the process of disbursing the unclaimed balances of reimbursement types at the end of their validity periods.

Depending on the type of reimbursement, the unclaimed balances can be monetary (amount) or non-monetary (number of units) in nature. You typically run this report at the end of the validity period of a particular reimbursement type.


  • As you can disburse the claims balances only once within a validity period, it is advisable that you first process the Status for Claims report (HINCREMS). Ensure that the employee information in this report is correct before processing the Claims Balance Disbursement report (HINCREMT).

  • You have configured the reimbursement wage types for your employees. For more information, refer to the IMG activity under Start of the navigation path Payroll India Next navigation stepReimbursements, Allowances and Perks Next navigation stepCalculate Eligibility for RAPs. End of the navigation path

  • You have configured the Pay and Tax reimbursement wage types in the table view Salary year for pay scale grouping for allowances (V_T7INAA).


  • The system processes the balance disbursement based on the End Date of the validity period, and the reimbursement type. The date of claim disbursement need not be the same as the End Date for the validity period. For example, Leave Travel Allowance has the eligibility period as a financial year, with an End Date of 31 st March. This is the Validity Period End Date . You may however, disburse the amount only on 30 th April. In this case, 30 th April will be the Payment Date .

    You can also execute the Claims Balance Disbursement report (HINCREMT) for multiple reimbursement types. This option is useful when you are processing multiple reimbursement types that have the same End Date for their validity period.

    For example, the reimbursement types Medical Reimbursement , and Conveyance Allowance, have a yearly validity period, and 31 st March as the Validity Period End Date . Using the Claims Balance Disbursement report (HINCREMT), you simultaneously process the disbursement of both these wage types.

  • You can execute this report for an employee or a range of employees, based on:

    • Payroll Area

    • Personnel numbers


  1. To access the report from the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Start of the navigation path : Human Resources Next navigation stepPayroll Next navigation stepAsia/Pacific Next navigation stepIndia Next navigation stepUtilities Next navigation step Reimbursements, Allowances and Perks Next navigation stepClaims Balance Disbursement End of the navigation path .

  2. Enter the relevant selection criteria.

  3. To execute the report, choose Start of the navigation path Program Next navigation stepExecute. End of the navigation path

    For the selected range of employee numbers, the report displays information such as different types of reimbursements claimed, the validity period or a reimbursement type, employee eligibility, and the amount or units disbursed. In the case of claims that are denominated in terms of amounts as well as units, the system will disburse only the amount.

    For example, a yearly Stitching Allowance of Rs.2000/- that can be claimed only twice within the year. Rs.500 is the unclaimed balance, and the employee has submitted a claim only once within the validity period. In this case, the system will disburse Rs. 500 as an unclaimed balance.

    When you process the Claims Balance Disbursement report (HINCREMT), the system updates the Additional Payments infotype (0015) and the table view Claims carry forward (V_T7INAE).

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