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 Entering Material for Scrapping


You might scrap a material if you cannot use it any more, for example because:

  • the quality has been reduced due to long storage time

  • it is out of date

  • the material has been destroyed (for example, a container of crystal glasses falls off the forklift during transport). You have to enter this as a scrapping.

In the SAP System, you post a scrapping like a goods issue without reference.

Scope of Functions

You can scrap materials from the stock types below:

  • Unrestricted-use stock

  • Quality inspection stock

  • Blocked stock

A scrapping has the following results in the system:

  • the relevant stock is reduced

  • the value of the scrapped material is posted from the stock account to a scrap account

  • the costs of the scrapped material are assigned to the cost center specified.

The value used is the value from the material master record at the time of the posting.


From the Inventory Management menu, choose Start of the navigation path Goods movement Next navigation stepGoods issue End of the navigation path and post the scrapping using the required movement type.

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