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 Activating WIP Revaluation


If you want to revaluate work in process (WIP), you must activate this function for each plant in which you want to be able to revaluate WIP. You must also activate WIP revaluation for all supplying plants.

Note Note

You must activate the WIP revaluation before the start of the period in which you want to revaluate WIP. The activation will not be taken into consideration for the period closing activities for the current period, as the WIP revaluation is only activated at the start of the next period.

You can, therefore only deactivate WIP revaluation in a period if you have completed the closing entries for all materials and activities, that had WIP, in this period. If you do not make all of the relevant closing entries the information in the WIP layer for the materials and activities maybe inconsistent, or inconsistent values may remain in the WIP or price difference accounts. To deactivate WIP revaluation, complete the following steps:

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  1. Start transaction CKMLWIPDEACT in your production system. This transaction checks whether any open materials or activities exist.

  2. If open items exist, complete the period end closing activities in the material ledger for these materials or activities.


  • The material ledger is active.

  • Actual Costing is active.


  1. Call up transaction OMXM.

  2. Choose New Entries

  3. Enter the plant

  4. Set the indicator WIP active

  5. Enter the period and fiscal year , from which WIP revaluation should be possible.

  6. Save your entries.


You can now revaluate WIP in the costing run .

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