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 Outgoing Payment


This section describes the process of outgoing payment. It includes the aggregated posting of incoming bills for suppliers, payment to the billing party, and creation of the payment advice note. A prerequisite for outgoing payment is the completion of the bill receipt process.

Distributors generally send individual bills to suppliers. These individual bills can also be part of a full bill and are sent either by EDI, as a file, or in paper format. Incoming bills that have been checked successfully are posted and paid together for performance reasons. An electronic payment advice note containing information on the paid individual bills is created for the payments. The advice note is sent to the distributor and forms the basis for tracking receivables. The German Electricity Association suggests the use of EDI format REMADV in the German market, for example.

Since it is not yet common in the German market to send EDI formats, you can also send payment advice notes in printed format.

The individual bills are posted to the account of the billing party in aggregated form. Bills are not posted individually due to the large amount of incoming bills. This would have a negative effect on the distributor’s account.

You can only create payment advice notes in paper format and in EDI-REMADV format. You can, however, use the EDI format as a basis for other formats.

Incoming budget billing requests from the distributor are posted directly as expenses (not statistically at first; a preliminary statistical posting with subsequent transfer posting for year-end billing is too complex and too expensive).

Process Flow

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