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  Measurement Documents


The data transferred to the system after a measurement has been taken at a measuring point or a counter is described in the SAP system as a measurement document. This transfer can be performed automatically or manually. The measurement document is therefore the result of a measurement or counter reading being entered in the system.


A data record for a measurement document comprises the following groups of data:

  • Measuring point data

    This includes measuring point number, measurement position, description, characteristic and unit.

  • Measurement result data

    This includes the time of the measurement or reading (time stamp) to the exact second, the measurement or counter reading, and any qualitative judgment regarding the result of the measurement.

  • Possible additional information (as short and long text)

    This includes information about which employee who took the measurement or counter reading, and where necessary, the number of the measurement document from which the measurement or counter reading result has been copied.

You can also assign a processing status to the measurement document. This can indicate whether:

  • Action must be taken as a result of the measurement or counter reading being taken

  • The action to be taken as a result of the measurement or counter reading is already covered by a planned maintenance task

The system records both the entries converted to the unit of the characteristic and the original entries of the user, that may have been made in a different unit to that of the characteristic unit. This enables you to check later on, whether unusual values are the result of entries made incorrectly or conversion errors.

If you change a measurement document, the system saves your changes in the form of change documents . The measurement document also contains the user who created it and the user who last changed it in its administrative data . You can only change the processing status, and the short or long text.

You can archive measurement documents in the same way as a normal SAP object.

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