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 Country Versions


Your SAP ERP system offers a wide range of country* versions, each of which is designed to allow you to run your business operations in a particular country.

For a list of the supported country versions, see the World Map of Country Versions and Languages Provided by SAP and Partners on the SAP Service Marketplace at published on SAP site.

* The term “country” is used for convenience only and does not necessarily infer the existence of a nation state.


Country versions do not constitute separate application components. Instead, the country-specific functions are contained in the various application components. This means that the Financial Accounting (FI) component, for example, does not just contain generic FI functions, but country-specific functions as well.

All of the SAP standard country versions are mutually compatible. This means, for example, that you can use the country versions for Brazil, China, and Turkey in a single physical system.


Each country version consists of the generic system functions, country-specific functions, and a country template.

Generic Functions

Every country version is based on the generic functions in the standard SAP ERP system, that is, those functions that are shared by the vast majority of countries, such as General Ledger (FI‑GL) or Plant Maintenance (PM). These functions are explained in the standard SAP ERP application help.

Country-Specific Functions

In addition to the generic functions, country versions also include country-specific functions. These are functions that are only used in a particular country and cover needs arising from local legislation or business practices. They include the following:

  • Localized versions of generic functions

    Some generic functions are heavily localized, for example, Payroll (PY). The standard SAP ERP system also includes numerous value-added tax reports that cover the needs of different countries.

    Other generic functions may only have to be localized for fewer countries, for example, the vendor payment history report, which is available in a generic form and as a Singaporean version.

  • Functions not otherwise covered by the generic functions

    An example of this is manufacturing cost sheet, as used in South Korea .

New Country Implementation

If you are starting to implement a country in a new SAP ERP system, refer to the SAP Note 63805 for implementation hints


The language in which your users operate the system is independent of your choice of country versions. For more information about which languages are available, see published on SAP site.

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