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 Mobile Asset Management for Utilities


Mobile Asset Management for Utilities (MAU) allows a platform-independent processing of plant maintenance and customer service processes, using mobile terminals. MAU is a mobile office application, which uses assigned scenarios to support field service employees and technicians in their daily, on-site work. Integrating Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and SAP Utilities (IS-U/CCS) allows field service employees to work with internal orders (within their own technical installation) and on-site. MAU groups the customer data from IS-U/CCS and SAP EAM in a mobile application.

This makes it easier to process customer messages and orders:

  • Field service technicians can use the mobile device to gain customer information on-site.

  • The application supports data recovery and data creation on-site.

  • Field data reliability is improved.

  • MAU reduces work and errors in the back office.

  • The MAU application improves service quality.


Mobile Asset Management for Utilities (MAU) includes the following processes from the Mobile Asset Management (MAM) component:

  • Order processing

  • Notification processing

  • Stock processing

  • Technical object maintenance

In addition, MAU also contains the following processes that are specific to the utilities industry:

  • Device installation / removal / replacement

  • Meter reading

  • Disconnection / reconnection / collection for utility installations

  • Customer-specific processes

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