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 Benefits Infotypes


The employee information required for the administration of benefits is stored in infotype records.


The Benefits Administration component uses its own infotypes, but also references information stored in infotypes in the Personnel Administration (PA-PA) component. The following table gives you an overview of these infotypes:



Family/Related Person (Infotype 0021)

These records must exist before employees can include family and related persons as dependents and beneficiaries in their benefits plans.

The From field for the begin date of the record must be a date later than the Organizational Assignment (infotype 0001) record begin date or date of birth of the individual, whichever is the later.

The Status and Challenge indicators are relevant to COBRA administration. If the person whose details you store here ever becomes eligible for COBRA, this information will define the parameters for COBRA participation.

Date Specifications (Infotype 0041)

A date specifications record for an employee can be used in certain circumstances as an override date.

Certain eligibility rules, termination rule variants and cost rule variants for some plans allow a hire date override. For this to be effective, the employee must have a date specifications record of the same type specified by the eligibility rule variant.

Monitoring of Tasks (Infotype 0019)

This infotype enables you to monitor store reminder dates for tasks.

The Reminder date should be written in the format mm/dd/yyyy.

The Lead/follow up time can be entered as a frequency/a time factor before or after the deadline. This is also the override value if you define both possibilities.


To optimize your work processes, we recommend that the key benefits infotypes are included in the infotype groups for your personnel actions.

For example, you could include the General Benefits Information infotype (0171) and the Adjustment Reasons infotype (0387) in the following actions:

  • Hiring

  • Organizational reassignment

Consult your personnel administration expert regarding the customizing of personnel actions.

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