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Object documentationBank Details (Infotype 0009)


An infotype where you enter the payee and the bank details for the net pay from the payroll or the travel expenses.


The standard system contains the following bank detail types as subtypes:

  • Main bank

  • Other bank

  • Travel Expenses

When you enter other bank details or bank details for travel expenses to distribute the payment amount to several payees, you specify the amount to be transferred as an absolute value or as a percentage. In the case of travel expenses, the amount is an optional specification.

Example Example

You created main bank details and other bank details for an employee. The system calculates a payment amount of EUR 5,000 for a period.

  • If you specify an absolute value of EUR 1,000 for the other bank details, the system transfers the remaining EUR 4,000 to the main bank.

  • If you specify a percentage rate of 10% for the other bank details, the system transfers the remaining EUR 4,500 to the main bank.

End of the example.

There are two further bank detail types for countries that have implemented off-cycle activities:

  • Main bank details for Off-Cycle

  • Other bank details for Off-Cycle

    Note Note

    The data records belonging to the Bank Details infotype (0009) are evaluated in Payroll using the Processing Request for Bank Details function (P0009).

    For additional information, see the documentation provided for the function P0009.

    End of the note.
International Bank Account Number (IBAN)

The use of the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) along with the BIC or SWIFT code is mandatory for standardized European payment transactions (SEPA). With the SEPA payment procedure, IBANs and BICs must be used instead of country-specific account numbers and bank numbers for the bank details of payers and payees. To be able to use IBANs in SAP ERP HCM, you must first activate the IBAN functionality in Customizing for Personnel Administration by choosing Start of the navigation path Interfaces and Integration Next navigation stepUse of IBAN in Personnel Management End of the navigation path.

You can create or change an IBAN at the click of a button.

You have two options:

  • You can derive the IBAN from existing bank data. The system generates a default IBAN that you have to check and can then adopt in your bank data.

  • You can derive the corresponding bank details from an IBAN. The system generates the bank data from the IBAN.

When you save the infotype, the IBAN is also saved.


When you create a new data record, the system takes the employee’s or applicant’s name from the Organizational Assignment infotype (0001) for the payee’s name. It takes the postal code and the city from the Addresses infotype (0006). However, the payee and the employee or applicant do not have to be identical.

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