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You want a list of down payment chains belonging to a particular project, vendor or customer. From this list, you can display, change or create a down payment chain.


You can use the following transactions to list down payment chains:

You firstly define the controlling area for the current mode and the database profile (DB profile) for selecting data from the database. A selection screen then appears.

Selection Screen

From the selection screen, you can select the down payment chains according to different criteria. The selection criteria are:

·  Project or WBS element

·  Customer or vendor, company code and posting date

On the selection screen you can enter selection criteria you use frequently and save it as a selection variant. In addition, you can use dynamic selection. For more information on these selection possibilities see SAP Library under Logistics Project System Project Information System (PS) Project Information System Working with the Information System Selection Criteria and Representation.After selection the list of down payment chains appears.


·  On the application toolbar you have different standard functions, such as details, sort, set and delete filter, total, export and display variant functions.

·  You can also choose a down payment chain in the table and then jump to the processing screen or create a new down payment chain.

·  To get information on down payment chain status, use the Chain status column. The following status information is displayed:




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