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 Flows of Actual Values


The system uses the flows of actual values to transfer data from neighboring components to value fields in Profitability Analysis (CO-PA). The data is grouped together into operating results.


CO-PA lets you assign all primary, profit-related postings and activities from the FI (G/L account postings), MM (invoice receipts, purchase orders) and SD (sales orders) application components to profitability segments.

For period-end closing, you can assign internal activities to profitability segments, assess cost center costs and business process costs to profitability segments, as well as settle orders, projects and cost objects to profitability segments. You can use the Schedule Manager to monitor transfers of data during period-end closing.

The following graphic depicts the way the components are integrated:

The following values flow into Profitability Analysis:

If your system is set up to allow double postings, see the corresponding section below to read about how these are handled.

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