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 Company Codes in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable


The company codes represent the smallest organizational units for which complete accounting can be portrayed. This includes the entry of all business transactions that have to be posted and the creation of all notes for legal individual account closing, such as financial statements and profit and loss calculations. In Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable , the following company code entities are used:

Company code group

The company code group includes all company codes that are permitted for posting to a contract account. One company code group is assigned to each contract account.

Paying company code

A paying company code is responsible for payment transactions. Exactly one paying company code is always assigned to each company code group.

Standard company code

You use the standard company code for all postings for which no company code can be determined by other means (for example, for payments on account). One standard company code is assigned to every contract account.


In the contract account, the company code group and standard company code are mandatory requirements.

Caution Caution

With Release 4.72, the responsible company code has been replaced by the entities named above. You can use the conversion report RFKKSTDBK to add the missing details for the standard company code in existing contract accounts. The standard company code receives the value of the former responsible company code.

You can convert the contract accounts in stages – you do not have to convert them all at once. The system handles accounts that you have not yet converted as if you had converted them.

End of the caution.

Company code group

One company code group is assigned to each contract account. Company code groups can overlap.

Example Example

You have a group G1 that consists of company codes 0001, 0002, and 0003, and group G2 that consists of 0001 and 0003.

End of the example.

In event 1010, you can check whether a company code group is permitted in a contract account. This enables you to prevent, for example, that cross-country groups (in certain contract accounts) are used.

You define the company code groups in the Implementation Guide for Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable under Start of the navigation path Organizational Units Next navigation stepDefine Company Code Groups End of the navigation path . You assign the company codes to the groups under Start of the navigation path Organizational Units Next navigation stepAssign Company Codes to Company Code Groups End of the navigation path .

Paying company code

You have to define house banks and payment methods for paying company codes. Several company code groups can have the same paying company code. The paying company code does not have to be in the company code group itself.


Checks in the contract account

The system checks the validity of certain fields in combination with the country as follows:

  • The country from the paying company code of the company code group is used for:

    • Payment methods

    • Own bank details

  • The country of the standard company code is used for:

    • Withholding tax code

    • Region

    • County code

    • Tax exemptions

Authorization check

In master data maintenance, authorization object F_KKVK_BUK always checks against the standard company code.

Payment program

You can also specify the paying company code in a business partner item. In this case, this specification overrides the paying company code determined via the company code group of the contract account. If a paying company code specified in the line item is in a different country to the paying company code determined via the contract account, you also have to specify a payment method in the line item. In this case you cannot use the payment methods from the contract accounts since they refer to a different country.

In the parameters for the payment run/debit memo run, you restrict the company codes to be processed. All relevant company code groups and their paying company codes are determined for the company codes internally. If these are in different countries, the country of the payment run must be assigned via a different parameter. In a payment run, you can still only create payments for one country.

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