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 Creating Objectives

After the appraisal document has been created, the manager or employee is notified via workflow that the appraisal document is ready for processing. During this phase, the appraisal document has the status In Planning.

When the appraisal document has this status, the objectives can be entered.


  • An appraisal document has been created on the basis of a performance feedback template and it has been filled with the necessary header data.
  • The participants in the appraisal process have received a link via workflow with which they can access the appraisal document in the browser.


To enter objectives in the appraisal document, proceed as follows:

  1. Log on to the browser.

  2. Select the appraisal document for which you want to enter objectives.

  3. Choose Add Objectives.

    The default objectives defined in Customizing are added to the appraisal document.

You can edit the appraisal document in the following ways:

  • You can call the Balanced Scorecard to display cross-departmental objectives.
  • You can display the appraisee’s qualifications profile.
  • You can enter user-defined texts to define personal objectives for the appraisee.
  • You can change the weighting of objectives.You can also assign different weightings for objectives, for example if one particular objective is to have a higher weighting than another.
  • You can insert additional user-defined objectives and qualifications using the icons displayed to the right of the objective setting column and delete objectives that are no longer required using the Delete icon.
  • You can enter objectives and specify further training courses that the appraisee is to attend in the Individual Development Plan field.

After all the objectives have been entered, the manager and employee discuss whether the agreed objectives are to be used for the appraisal process. Depending on the Customizing settings, the manager approves the objectives by assigning a status.

Proceed as follows:

  • Choose Review if you want to save your entries and the appraisal document is to receive the status In Review.

    If the appraisal document has the status In Review, you can call the appraisal template as often as you want and change the objectives.

  • Choose Start Appraisal Process when you want to start the appraisal process. The appraisal document has the status In Process. Part appraisers are requested to perform a part appraisal by workflow. They can enter their (part) appraisal in the appraisal document.


You have entered the objectives in the appraisal document. The appraisal document is available for the review phase or for the part appraisal phase .

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