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 Batch Information Cockpit


The Batch Information Cockpit ( BIC ) represents a central switching point with wide-ranging options for analysis and control.

The BIC enables you to answer the following questions:

  • Which batches should be consumed if their shelf-life expires soon?

  • Which unrestricted batch stocks are there for a certain product group? With which attributes are the batches indicated?

  • Which batch stocks exist in the area of responsibility of a certain MRP controller?

  • How are the stocks divided across alternative units of measure (product or proportion units of measure)?

The BIC offers you the following control options:

  • Selected batches can be stored in the Batch Worklist in a structured way (for example, according to the required work steps), and can then be "held" for further processing.

  • You can directly call up the batch master for changing and displaying master data, classification data, and the batch where-used list containing information about the lifecycle of a batch..

  • You can integrate and trigger follow-up actions for mass changes using Business Add-Ins (BAdIs).

Implementation Considerations

The BIC is WebGui-enabled.

You do not have to separately validate the detail functions ( Batch Master and Batch Where-Used List ) that are called directly in the BIC , because they are identical to the standard transactions (MSC2N, MSC3N, MB56).


Several functions are integrated into the BIC :

  • Batch master

  • Batch where-used list

  • Stock overview with batch attributes

  • Shelf life list

  • Batch-specific availability overview

  • Batch worklist


You can use the BIC to

  • Select batches

  • Display information relevant to batches

  • Call up detail functions

  • Trigger follow-up actions

Screen Sections

In the standard system, the Batch Information Cockpit is split into the following areas:


When you enter the Batch Information Cockpit function via Start of the navigation path Logistics Next navigation stepCentral Functions Next navigation stepBatch Management Next navigation stepBatch Information Cockpit End of the navigation path , the Selection area with Selection Tab Titles and selection fields is displayed on the right-hand side of the screen.

Navigation Area

The navigation area on the left-hand side of the screen is divided as follows:

Choose User Settings to change the sequence and layout of the areas according to your own requirements.

Detail Area

When you click on a batch in the navigation area or in the context menu, the system displays the detail area on the right-hand side of the screen. In the detail area, you can:

The selection screen is hidden.

For further information, refer to the section Detail Function .

Extensive Layout Options

In order that users with different fields of responsibility can comfortably use the BIC , the BIC offers extensive options for adjusting the screen construction according to the requirements of each individual user.

To ensure that each user only sees the data that are relevant for his or her situation, the BIC also offers extensive selection options.

For more information, see User Settings and Customizing for Batch Management under Tools -> Batch Information Cockpit -> Define User Group-Specific Selection .

Customer-Specific Enhancements

The BIC also enables you to integrate customer-specific enhancements with regard to selections and follow-up actions for mass changes using Business Add-Ins – be it selecting batches from inspection lots in order to trigger subsequent checks, or changing the batch status of several batches that were determined with the aid of the batch where-used list.

For more information on the selection enhancements, see Customizing for Batch Management under Batch Information Cockpit -> Selection Enhancements .

For more information on the follow-up actions, see Customizing for Batch Management under Batch Information Cockpit -> Follow-Up Actions .

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