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 Example: Report/Report Interface

For an example of how you could use the report/report interface, see the CO-PA example report 0-SAP07 and its two receiver reports 0-SAP08 and 0-SAP09.

Report 0-SAP07 displays the characteristics "Customer group" and "Product group".

The receiver reports contain local variables for the characteristics "Customer group" and "Product group". In addition, report 0-SAP08 displays the characteristic "Customer" and report 0-SAP09 the characteristic "Product".

Note Note

You can display the parameters for each report by executing it and then choosing the menu option Start of the navigation path Extras Next navigation stepReport parameters Next navigation step. End of the navigation path

End of the note.

Execute the report 0-SAP07. From the initial list, drill down to the characteristic "Customer group". Then choose Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation stepCall up report... Next navigation step to call up report 0-SAP09 or 0-SAP08. The system passes the characteristic values for "Customer group" and "Product group" to the receiver report, where you can then drill down through other characteristics. End of the navigation path

If you have defined additional receiver reports, you can then call up another one using the same function ( Call up report ).

You can return to any previously executed report at any time using the function History , which is located under the menu Goto .

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