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 Posting Bill of Exchange Presentation


You have maintained the settings in the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Financial Accounting under   Business Transactions  Bill of Exchange Transactions  Bill of Exchange Receivable   Present Bill of Exchange at Bank.  

You can also enter these same settings from the Banking Menu   Input  Bill of exchange presentation.  

Note Note

You can define a transaction variant so that the fields already contain values. In the Implementation Guide choose   Financial Accounting  Banking-Related Accounting   Business Transactions  Bill of Exchange Transactions  Bill of Exchange Receivable  Present Bill of Exchange Receivable at Bank   Define User-Specific Settings.  

End of the note.


  1. In Banking choose   Input  Bill of exchange presentation  From account.  

  2. Enter a company code and a bill of exchange receivable account for the bills of exchange receivable to be presented, or enter a work list for bill of exchange receivable accounts.

  3. Enter the due date (from - to) for bill of exchange selection.

  4. Only bills of exchange whose due dates lie within the set time period are taken into account.

  5. If need be, you can enter further selection criteria, (for example, payment methods, document types, business areas, and so on).

  6. Choose   Bill of exchange presentation  Bill of exchange list   .

The system displays a list of the paying company codes. The status of the bill of exchange is displayed, as follows:

  • Amber light: Selected bills of exchange that can be processed further

  • Red light: Selected bills of exchange that cannot be processed further

  • Green light: Selected bills of exchange assigned to a bank

  1. Choose   Bill of exchange presentation  House bank assignment   .

  1. On the Bank Assignment Methods screen , choose the preferred method, (for example: Assign a bill of exchange directly to a bank) and then choose Continue.

  1. Enter the bill of exchange usage (for example, Collection).

The fixed value date and charges are dependent on bill of exchange usage.

Enter house bank ID and account ID and choose Continue .

The system displays the List of Bills of Exchange screen once more.

  1. Choose   Bill of Exchange Presentation  Calculation of fees,   and enter the date when the bill of exchange was presented.

This date is the starting point for calculation of the value date.

Choose Continue to return to the list of bills of exchange to be presented.

  1. Select tab Post and make entries in the active fields in the following areas:

  • Post Bill of Exchange Presentation

  • Log

  • Print bill of exchange

  • Create DME file

  1. To post the returned bill of exchange, save your entries.

Depending on which field you selected, the system either posts the returned bill of exchange immediately or it creates a batch input session .

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