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 Procedure documentation Assigning Dangerous Goods Indicator Profiles for Material Master 


In Customizing for Dangerous Goods Management under Specify Indicator Profiles for the Material Master you have specified dangerous goods indicator profiles.



  1.  In the overview tree on the SAP Easy Access screen, choose SAP menu Logistics Materials Management Material Master Material Change Immediately.

The Change Material (Initial Screen) appears.

  2.  Enter the material number in the Material field.

If you are using engineering change management, enter the change number in the Change Number field.

  3.  Confirm your entries.

The Select view(s) dialog box appears.

  4.  Select the Basic Data 2 view.

  5.  Confirm your entries.

The Change Material: Basic Data 2 screen appears.

  6.  Assign the material master record a dangerous goods indicator profile in the DG indicator profile field.

  7.  Save your data.


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