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 Warranty Claim Processing (LO-WTY)


The component Warranty Claim Processing has been developed to fulfill the needs both of manufacturers, importers or vendors of complex products and their suppliers.

In this business environment, the prerequisites for a right to warranty are becoming more extensive and more complex. Warranty restrictions due to the length of service or age of the product, authorization processes and comprehensive check mechanisms in the warranty claim make warranty claim processing in many companies a timely and costly procedure. Furthermore, due to a European legal initiative, the warranty or guarantee period for products of specific industry sectors has been extended to at least two years . The number of incoming warranty claims has, understandably, increased in the wake of this decision.

Warranty Claim Processing functions offer you a software solution that can deal with a large number of warranty claims comfortably and, as far as possible, automatically . Only those claims that produce negative results in the automatic checks are included in manual processing. You also have a maximum amount of flexibility as regards the warranty conditions that you can define.


Warranty Claim Processing is a cross-application component that is completely integrated into the SAP solution, from master data management (MM, SD, CS, PM) and pricing (SD) through checking master warranties and creating measurement documents (CS, PM) to posting FI documents (FI/CO) and evaluation of the warranty data (SAP BW).


Warranty Claim Processing offers the following functions :

Objects in a warranty claim can be:

The following processes are supported:

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