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 Purchase Order Processing


If your company purchases newspapers and magazines for single copy sales and distribution, you can use the purchase order processing functions to plan the required quantities and generate the corresponding purchase orders.

The following diagram illustrates the process for purchase order processing. The individual steps in the process are described under Process Flow (see below).

Purchase Order Processing for Newspapers and Magazines

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.


  • The product master data must be created in the media product master and the issues in the issue sequence for each media product must be planned and created physically.

  • Purchasing info records must exist for each issue.

    Note Note

    If you create the purchasing info records for the template issue on which the issue sequence is based when you generate the issue sequence, the system automatically copies them from the template to each new issue you create.

    End of the note.
  • Quantity plan records must be created (for planning delivery quantities) for the purchase order planning period.

  • Optional: If you use the cross-plant material status to influence purchase order quantity planning, for example selection or locks, you must specify how the statuses affect purchase order quantity planning or purchase order generation (error, warning, etc.) in the Customizing settings for the media product master under   SAP Media  Master Data  Product  Media Product Master  Settings for Media-Specific Fields  Material Statuses for Media Issues   .

    You can define the possible material statuses in the Customizing settings for the media product master under   SAP Media  Master Data  Product  Media Product Master  Settings for Key Fields  Define Material Statuses   (see also Status editing in Processing By Worklist ).

  • Optional: If you want to create purchase order quantity plan records for product kit components, you must make an entry in the Purchase Order Planning Level field for the main component when defining a product kit structure.

Process Flow

Purchase order processing takes place as follows:

  1. Create contracts

    The contracts map the assignment of products to customers. They form the basis for both sales and purchase order processing.

  2. Automatic creation of ordering schedules

    Report RJKSDORDERBOOKGEN ( Initialize Purchase Order Planning ) determines the issues that are to be ordered according to the contracts and creates an initial purchase order quantity plan record for each issue. The report takes phase outbound deliveries and product kit components into account.

    Note Note

    You should schedule this program to be executed at regular intervals in SAP background processing.

    End of the note.

    You can also execute the report manually when changes have been made to contracts. To do so, choose   Logistics  Media Sales and Distribution  Media Product Sales and Distribution  Purchase Order Quantity Planning  Automatic Processing  Initialize Ordering Scheduleon theSAP Easy Access   screen.

  3. Plan purchase order quantities

    You can process purchase order quantities of issues manually in the purchase order quantity plan . You can also use the Business Add-In (BAdI) ISM_ORDERBOOK to change the purchase order quantity according to your own logic, to make entries in custom display fields, and to define the difference limits (between the delivery and purchase order quantities).

    You can modify the purchase order quantities using custom functions in the Issues view.

    Caution Caution

    You must schedule the program RJKSDSETWERKSISSUE ( Determine Supplying Plant for Each Media Issue and Contract ) in SAP background processing to display the planned delivery quantity in the purchase order quantity plan or the order quantity in the quantity plan.

    End of the caution.
  4. Generate purchase orders

    You can generate the purchase order quantities (using the program RJKSDPORDERGEN) based on purchase order quantity planning. You can execute purchase order generation from purchase order quantity planning, manually, or in SAP background processing. If a purchase order already exists for a purchase order quantity record, repeated generation adjusts the purchase order quantity. You can influence purchase order generation using the BAdI ISM_PORDER.

Optional Process Flow

You can implement the purchase order processing functions in SAP Media Single Copy Sales together with the SAP Retail solution.

Caution Caution

Do not do this without consulting SAP .

End of the caution.

Implementation of the Retail functions makes the following changes to the process:

  • The products are created in the article master ( SAP Retail ) with the corresponding media-specific material type. The issues for each article are planned and created in the issue sequence for the media product master.

  • The articles are grouped into assortments and assigned to customers using the assortment planning functions in SAP Retail .

  • Contracts are generated automatically based on the assortments using the program RJKSD_UPD_CONTRACT_FORM_ASSORT ( Assortment-Contract Interface – Quantity Planning ).

    The contracts are created with the contract type specified in the Customizing settings for Media Product Sales and Distribution under   SAP Media  Media Sales and Distribution  Media Product Sales and Distribution (Retail)  Retail Integration  Define Allowed Contract Type for Assortments   .

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