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  Temporary Settlement and Settlement with Period-End Closing


Settlement is a periodic process that is carried out at specified intervals.

The following are different types of settlement that are possible:

  • Settlement with Period-End Closing

    A period that has not been completed in settlement terms is included in a final settlement and then flagged as being closed.

  • Temporary settlement

    You close an open (for settlement) period for the whole period. All open settlement items are selected for the period, but the period is not flagged as closed.

  • Subperiodic settlement

    Subperiodic settlement is a special type of temporary settlement. However, the key date entered is before the end of the relevant period. Therefore, only the last period can be regarded as being subperiodic.


The calculation method used must be valid for the temporary settlement as well as settlement with period-end closing. This must also apply if a reserve type has been defined.


Periods that have not been closed can be settled temporarily or subperiodically.

Settlement without Cancellation Reserve

You have not assigned a reserve type for a settlement type. This means that all open documents that are to be settled for the settlement type are summarized and transferred to the payment system. The system creates a settlement document.

Settlement with Cancellation Reserve

You have assigned a reserve type to a settlement type. All open documents that are to be settled for the settlement type are summarized. To calculate the reserves, the system also checks the documents that have already been calculated for the current processing period.

The system checks how much cancellation reserve is to be calculated for the period and how much has already been posted. This difference is then posted to the new reserve item.

For more information, see Cancellation Reserve .

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