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 Launchpad (ABAP)

Technical Data

Technical Name of iView

Technical Name of the Application


Runtime Technology

ABAP/Web Dynpro

Data Source

ERP 2005




This iView offers a clear selection of links to applications which you can use to evaluate data or retrieve additional information. The following applications can be called up:

SAP BI reports (queries or Web templates)

Visual Composer xApps

Report Writer Reports

InfoSet Query


KM document


Portal page

Web dynpro applications (ABAP and Java)

Manager’s Desktop

When you follow a link, the application is displayed in a new window. One of the following iViews is called for this:

Launchpad - Start KM Document

Launchpad - Start WD ABAP

Launchpad - Start WD Java

Launchpad - Start URL

Launchpad - Start Transaction

Launchpad - Start BI Query/Template

Launchpad - Start BI Query/Template NetWeaver

If you have defined folders the links are displayed grouped under headings.

If there are several applications for a folder, the links and descriptive texts are displayed in two columns. You cannot change this display.


This iView only functions if it is called from a business package using a Delta Link and the application parametersroleandinstancehave been defined in the delta link. In addition, you need to specify a System Alias


You have set up the launchpad in Customizing the back-end system.


The launchpad settings can either be made by the administrator for all users (the same role) or be made by the user himself. The administrator makes the settings for the launchpad in Customizing of the relevant business package. Users make their own settings in the launchpad using Change Launchpad. Changes to a user are only valid for the specific user.

User settings using Change Launchpad

Remove applications from the display, or add those that have been assigned in Customizing to the folder Inactive Applications

If you have set the indicator User Cannot Deactivate Application in Customizing for an application, the user cannot remove this from the display.

Create new folders

Copy reports or transactions, in order to call these up with other, user-specified parameters; Web dynpro applications, portal pages, KM documents and URLs cannot be copied.

Change details

Change link text ( User Description )

Change Entries once Started

You can only choose the Using Personalization option if you have defined a personalization dialog in Customizing for this application.

If you select the setting Using Personalization under Entries once Started , you can change the personalization data using the Personalization Dialog assigned in Customizing.

Variants can be changed, depending on the administrator setting.

The settings are valid only for a particular business package ( Role ) and a particular usage (the instance ).

If the administrator defines a new application in a folder in Customizing which the user has already deleted from his launchpad display, this folder is automatically displayed again with the new application. New applications are always displayed as the first link (in a folder).

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