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 Create a Change Document Object


You can use transaction SCDO to create a change document object for a customer-specific infotype.


To create a change document object, proceed as follows:

  1. Start transaction SCDO . The Change Document Objects: Overview screen is displayed.

  2. Choose Create from the toolbar. The Change Document Object: Create dialog box is displayed.

  3. Enter the name of the change document object. SAP recommends you adhere to the following naming convention: Z_HR_ITnnnn or Y_HR_ITnnnn (where nnnn = infotype number), for example, for infotype 9933: Z_HR_IT9933 . Choose Continue.

  4. Follow the instructions in the next dialog box and enter the package to which the change document object belongs and a transport request . Choose Continue.

  5. In the dialog box Change Document Object: Create, enter a description for the change document under Text and enter the database tables that belong to this infotype under Table. In all likelihood, the relevant database tables are HRPnnnn and for table infotypes, table HRTnnnn (nnnn = infotype number).

    Note Note

    If you are unsure as to which database tables are relevant, you can verify this in table T777D ( Infotypes – Dialog/Database Assignment ) in the DBTAG and TBTAB fields.

    End of the note.

    Note that you should not select the Copy as Internal Table field for the HRPnnnn table. For the HRTnnnn table, however, you must select this field if the customer-specific infotype is a table infotype.

    You should always select the Doc. for Individual Fields at Delete for HRPnnnn and HRTnnnn tables.

    Do not make any entries in the Name of Ref. Tab and Name of Old Field String fields .

  6. Save your entries. The change document objects you have just created are now displayed together with the existing change document objects in the initial list.

  7. Choose Generate Update Pgm. The Generate Update Program dialog box is displayed.

  8. Enter the following information in this dialog box:

    Include Name: the name you enter here is used as part of the include names that are generated here. Each change document object must have a different name. SAP recommends that you use the name of the change document object.

    Function Group : a separate function group must be used for each change document object. Enter the function group here. SAP recommends that you adhere to the following naming convention: ZHR_CDOC_ITnnnn or YHR_CDOC_ITnnnn (nnnn = infotype number).

    Caution Caution

    You should never enter an existing function group because the function group you enter here is deleted and then generated again. This is also the case when the change document object is transported. Consequently, you should not use the function group you enter here for any other purpose.

    End of the caution.

    Fun.Mod. Structure Prefix: new structures must be created for table infotypes. To avoid naming conflicts, you can enter a prefix that is used for these structures. You can enter the default value V . If a structure already exists with the name V HRTnnn (nnnn = infotype number), you can enter a different prefix.

    Error Message ID and Error Number: do not change the default values.

    Processing Type: select Dialog.

    Special Text Handling and Generating Data for ABAP 00: do not select these indicators.

  9. Choose Generate, follow the instructions, and complete the generation process by choosing Save.


You have created a change document object and generated an update program.

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