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 Business Functions (SAP ERP 6.0)


All SAP industry solutions are integrated into the mySAP ERP Enterprise Core Component (SAP ERP 2005 – SAP ECC ). The deployment of industry solutions has changed as a consequence. Every time SAP delivers upgrades to mySAP ERP , the industry solutions will be upgraded as well.

With mySAP ERP , following types of industry solutions are available:

  • Industry Solutions deployed In-Core

    These industry solutions are available immediately after installing product instance SAP ERP 2005 – SAP ECC.

  • Industry Solutions deployed as Industry Extensions

    With mySAP ERP , the industry extensions are now available without the need to install an add-on.

  • Industry Solutions deployed as Enterprise Extensions

  • Industry Solutions deployed as add-ons.

    Some industry solutions continue to be available as add-ons to mySAP ERP. As before, you must install these industry solutions separately.

Implementation Considerations

For information about upgrading and installing mySAP ERP and the different types of industry solutions, see the Master Guide for mySAP ERP 2005 and the Master Guides for the respective industry solutions.


Industry Extensions

Industry solutions deployed as Business Function Setsare activated by means of the SAP Switch Framework .

For this purpose, the Industry Extensions were structured as business function sets consisting of one or more Business Functions. You can activate these business functions.

Caution Caution

You can activate one business function set per instance only. You can activate the Industry Extension business functions of the business function set separately.

End of the caution.

At the beginning of the implementation phase, you select the business function set that corresponds to your industry solution, or that contains the required business functions, and activate this business function set.

Caution Caution

When you activate a business function set, you install the SAP system. It is then no longer possible to deactivate the business function set and activate a different business function set.

End of the caution.
Enterprise Extensions

Enterprise Extensions contain the generic business functions of mySAP ERP . You can activate all Enterprise Extensions by means of the SAP Switch Framework . The Enterprise Extensions are available in addition to the Industry Extensions.

Note Note

You can activate more than one business function of the Enterprise Extension per instance, at the same time.

End of the note.
Further Information

For more information about the SAP Switch Framework , see Switch Framework .

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