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  Interface to Reinsurance System


SAP Claims Management has an interface to a reinsurance system. In the standard delivery, there is an interface to the SAP reinsurance system SAP Reinsurance . However, you can also integrate a different reinsurance system (see below 'Use of Other Reinsurance System').

The following graphic shows the integration of the SAP components FS-PM ( SAP Policy Management ), FS-CM ( SAP Claims Management ), FS-RI ( SAP Reinsurance ) and FS-CD ( SAP Insurance Collections &Disbursements ) in a claim. The loss amount is USD 100,000 and the reinsurance share is 90%.

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The following graphic shows the underlying architecture:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

Abbreviations used:

RI = SAP Reinsurance

PTF = Portfolio

RIP = Reinsurance Program

RI = Reinsurance

Reporting Claim and Settlement Data to Reinsurance System

You can use report ICL_RIDATA_UI to report claim/settlement data for handing primary insurance business from SAP Claims Management to the reinsurance system.

To call the report, on the SAP Easy Access screen choose   Insurance  Claims Management  Claim  Routine Interface Processes  Report Claim/Settlement Data to Reinsurance System   .

For more information, see the report documentation.

Use of Other Reinsurance System

If you want to use a different reinsurance system from SAP Reinsurance , you must implement the Business Add-In(BAdI) BADI_ICL_RIDATA. You can find this BAdI in theSAP Customizing Implementation Guide(IMG) under   SAP Insurance  Claims Management  Claim  Technical Settings  Interface to Reinsurance System  BAdI: Interface to Reinsurance System   .

Adjusting Data Assignment

SAP delivers the data assignment of the interface to FS-RI. If you want to adjust this data assignment, perform the IMG activities in   SAP Insurance  Claims Management  Claim  Technical Settings  Interface to Reinsurance System  Interface to FS-RI.  

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