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 The Dynamic Attendance Menu


Dynamic menu where you carry out all the functions that are associated with day-to-day activities for bookings (book, prebook, cancel, etc.), handle the manual output of correspondence, and request reports for correspondence histories and attendance appraisals.

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You can carry out the following functions in the dynamic attendance menu:

Book Attendance

Prebook Attendance

Rebook Attendance

Cancel Attendance

Replace Attendance

In addition, you can handle manual correspondence and request reports for correspondence histories.

To maintain objects in any of the dynamic menus, you simply position the cursor on the object in question and choose the required function with a right mouse click on the object or from the menu.

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Object Maintenance in the Dynamic Menus

You can configure user-specific settings for data display and maintenance in the dynamic menus.

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User-Specific Settings


You can branch to the business event menu or the information menu directly from the attendance menu. Data is automatically updated when you access one of these options.

Note Note

You access the attendance menu on the SAP Easy Access screen in the SAP Standard Menu under Start of the navigation path Human Resources Next navigation stepTraining and Events Next navigation stepAttendance Next navigation stepAttendance Menu Next navigation step. End of the navigation path

Since the attendance menu gives you optimum access to the day-to-day activities of Training and Event Management , it is a good idea to add it to your Favorites .

End of the note.

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