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 Customer Service (CS)


This component supports you when representing, managing and processing all services that you provide to your customers. You can:

  • Structure and manage technical objects for which services should be performed (for example, technical systems, machines)

  • Manage data for warranties and business partners

  • Create service requests

  • Plan and execute requested services

  • Bill the costs that arise as a result of the services being executed

  • Monitor call processing in order to keep to deadlines and agreed response times


For information on other service-related functions, refer to the following documentation:

  • PM Structuring Technical Systems for information on structuring and managing technical objects

  • FI-AA Asset Accounting - User Guide for information on managing serviceable items as tangible assets

  • MM - Services Management for information on service records

  • PM - Maintenance Notifications for information on maintenance notification functionality

  • PM - Maintenance Orders for information on maintenance order functionality

  • SD - Sales, Sales Order Processing for information on managing and billing sales orders and service contracts.

  • PS - Project System for information on using projects


This function comprises:

  • Structuring and maintenance of the installed base using technical objects

  • Warranties, management

  • Call management, using service notifications, service orders and sales orders

  • Call monitoring with response and service times

  • Link between installed base and business partners

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