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 Creation of Individual or Collective Billing Documents


This function is used to define the form of the billing document created. Billing datasets can be combined in a billing document or divided between several billing documents using particular criteria. All billing datasets for a payer that are due for billing on the planned billing date are to be combined in a collective billing document.


You have made all the relevant settings for the billing split at business partner level in Customizing under Start of the navigation path SAP Media Next navigation stepMaster Data Next navigation stepBusiness Partner Next navigation stepBusiness Partner in Advertising Management Next navigation stepMedia Customer Next navigation stepDefine Split Criteria for Billing End of the navigation path.


Billing document form



Collective billing document

All billing datasets for a payer and actual billing date that are to be billed are combined in a billing document.

A customer places several ads for which the same planned billing date is determined. You bill all billing datasets due on this planned billing date in a single billing run. If no split criteria are available, the system combines all billing datasets for this customer in a collective billing document.

The system always attempts to combine billing datasets.

Individual billing document

One billing document is produced for a billing dataset.

A customer places an ad. You select the Advance Billing indicator in the billing dataset. The system selects the Separate Billing Document indicator automatically.

The Separate Billing Dataset indicator is selected on the detail screen for the billing dataset.

Separate billing documents

The billing data combined by the system is divided using certain criteria. An invoice split can be used to generate several billing documents for one or more billing datasets.

An agency places commercials for several advertisers. A separate payer is entered for each advertiser. Since a split criterion can apply to several payers, a separate billing document is created for each advertiser.

One of the following criteria must be fulfilled:

  • The billing document has various header fields or header partners, such as payer, bill-to party, sales organization, actual billing date, billing document type, terms of payment, payment method.

  • You have recorded a key for the billing split in the master record for the media customer. You create a fundamental billing split between orders and booking units for a customer.

  • The Separate Billing Dataset indicator is selected on the detail screen for the billing dataset.

  • You have defined additional split criteria using a user exit (SAPLJHF1_008).

You can identify the reason for a billing split using the Split Analysis.

Note Note

Certain settings that you make in the master data or in document processing that influence billing dataset generation can affect the billing form.

End of the note.

Work Area


Master data

Proportional settlement in the combined booking unit master record.

Separate settlement by schedule lines in the combined booking unit master record

Separate settlement by ad specs in the combined booking unit master record.


Separate settlement by sub ad specs in Customizing when defining ad spec/sub ad spec relationships

Granting of agency commission in Customizing when defining item categories

For more information, see Generation of Billing Datasets.

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