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 Document Types Customizing Wizard

The document type controls how a document is stored and edited. You therefore need to make the Customizing settings relevant to the document type.

SAP supplies the Document Types Customizing Wizard to help create new document types. You can also use the Document Types Customizing Wizard repeatedly to create new document types when the system is in operation.

To reach the Document Types Customizing Wizard, choose the following in the Implementation Guide (IMG): Start of the navigation path SAP Web Application Server Next navigation stepBasis Services Next navigation stepArchiveLink Next navigation stepCustomizing Incoming Documents Next navigation stepWorkflow Scenarios Next navigation stepDocument Types Customizing Wizard. End of the navigation path

You can use the Document Types Customizing Wizard to perform the following basic customizing steps:

  • Maintain document types

  • Assign a name

  • Specify the document class

  • Maintain links

  • Specify the object type

  • Specify the content repository and link table

Note Note

The basic customizing step Maintain Content Repositories is not integrated. This is a prerequisite for using the Document Types Customizing Wizard.

End of the note.

For new document types, you need to specify whether you want to use the document types in scenarios with SAP Business Workflow (flag ‘Workflow document type’).

If you use the document type as a Workflow document type, you can also perform the following steps in Customizing Workflow Scenarios :

  • Maintain workflow document types

  • Specify method and workflow tasks

  • Specify workflow parameters (import parameters for the method)

  • Maintain default settings

  • Select from existing default settings (document type groups)

  • Create new default settings

  • Details for default settings (specify the agents responsible for the work item, select one or more of the four storage scenarios)

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