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 Central Address Management


This function allows you to store and manage the addresses of all business partners in whom your company has a business interest centrally, with a time dependency and in a unified structure.


Central Address Management is part of the business partner master data To access it, choose the following menu path:


Menu path

Media Sales and Distribution

  Logistics  Media Sales and Distribution  Periodical Sales and Distribution  Master Data  Business Partner  Address Management.  

Advertising Management

  Logistics  Advertising Management  Master Data  Business Partner  Address Management  

Caution Caution

The address maintenance screen may vary according to the country version that you have selected. The address layout described here applies to the German country version.

For additional information about country-specific functions, see   SAP Media  General Settings  Define Active Country Version   in the Implementation Guide .

End of the caution.

Caution Caution

The main address in Central Address Management is synchronized with the standard SAP BP address. Other addresses that you create in the SAP BP and assignments of addresses to usages are not taken into account in SAP Media (IS-M). For example, this means the address usage is not evaluated in the IS-M order transactions.

End of the caution.


Central Address Management has a selection and an output screen.


The following selection criteria are available to you for selecting addresses:

  • Business partner

  • Role

  • Selection period

You can display all addresses that have been entered for a business partner.

You can restrict the addresses displayed for a business partner using the business partner roles:

  • If you do not specify a BP role in selection, the system displays all addresses that have been entered for a business partner.

  • If you specify a role, the system displays a business partner’s main address and all additional addresses that have been entered for this role.

The selection period is defined by the system. The start date of the selection period is one day before the entry date. The default end date of the selection period is 12/31/9999. You can change the start and end date.

When you execute selection, the system displays all the addresses whose start and/or end date are in the selection period.

Example Example

You created a main address in the business partner master data on 12/01/1997. The address is valid to 12/31/9999. You specify a selection period of 06/01/1998 to 06/01/2001. The validity period for the address is within the selection period and is displayed.

End of the example.

The following address data is displayed on the output screen for each address:

  • Business partner role

  • Validity period

  • Name data

  • Address data

Name and address data are displayed in normal text. You can change the way in which the addresses are displayed. You can restrict the information displayed so that only name data, telecommunications data, or changes are displayed for all the business partner’s addresses.

Functions on the Output Screen

The following functions for maintaining business partner addresses are available on the output screen:




Display all the address data for an address

Create additional addresses

Create an additional address as an alternative to the main address for a business partner role


Amend a main or additional address without reference to time

The actual address change can be in the past.

Correction valid from

Amend a main or additional address with reference to time

The actual address change is in the future.


Enter a relocation address for the main address or an additional address

The actual address change is in the future.


Delete an additional address whose validity period is in the future

Print preview

Format an address for label or form printing differently from the standard settings in Customizing

In Germany, the address data is checked against the dataset provided by the German postal service, which you import into IS-M. You can make changes to the postal data imported.

Caution Caution

This means you must deactivate the check according to the SAP regional structure in Customizing. We do not recommend that you use the BAS interface to integrate postal checks from external providers.

End of the caution.

When you enter or change an address, the system checks the address data against the postal dataset to eliminate spelling errors.

  • If the address data is not correct, the system offers you matching address data from the postal dataset for selection.

  • If the data is correct, the system copies the address into the business partner master record.

The system uses the postal dataset to enhance the address data entered as follows:


Data determined automatically

City name, street, and house number

Postal code

Note Note

If the name of the city is not unique, you must select the city you require.

End of the note.

PO box city and PO box

PO box postal code

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