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Function documentation Creating a Batch Master Record 


You use this function to enter batch data into a separate master record.


You can only create batches and batch master records for a material if the material is to be handled in batches. To do this, you must set the Batch management indicator in the material master record.


Creating a Batch Master Record Manually

To create a batch master record manually, choose Logistics Central Functions Batch Management Batch Create.


In the functions Display Batch (Batch Display) and

Change Batch (Batch Change), you can create batches by choosing the This graphic is explained in the accompanying text pushbutton.

If the material is not yet classified, you can choose a class when creating the batch master record.

Creating a Batch Master Record in the Background

The system creates a batch master record in the background in the following procedures:

  • The first time goods are received for a batch
  • During creation of a process or production order
  • When a usage decision is made in quality management
  • During a recurring inspection
  • For transfer postings (when you want to split a batch, for example)
  • When creating a purchase order

You can make the setting for creating batch master records in the background in Customizing for Batch Management under Initial Batch Creation and Batch Valuation Valuation for Creation of New Batches Using Function Module.


You can use a customer exit to create batch master records in the background. You use the customer exit to fill fields in the batch master record in the background that are neither filled by the system nor the user during the goods movement.

All goods movement data is available in the interface. The data is controlled according to the movement type. You make the necessary settings in Customizing for Batch Management, under Customer Exit for Maintaining Batch Master Data of New Batches.

For example, if you want batches to be available 10 days after goods receipt, you can use the customer exit interface to ensure that the system fills the Available from field with a date that is 10 days after the date of goods receipt.


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