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  Talent Group


A subset of candidates within a Talent Pool. The candidates within a group share one or more common characteristics. Candidates can belong to any number of talent groups simultaneously.


  • If you want to group together candidates within the Talent Pool, you can assign them to a talent group. The grouping can be made for various business reasons, as demonstrated in the following examples.

    • You can structure your Talent Pool by grouping together candidates with specific capabilities (such as management experience, IT knowledge, or language skills) into different talent groups.

    • Another option is to group together all top performers of a company into one talent group.

    • To facilitate maintaining the dataset of your Talent Pool, you can group together into one talent group the candidates whose data you want to delete from the Talent Pool for various reasons.


The structure of the talent group contains the following data:

Basic Data

The title of the talent group on the user interface.


A freeform text that describes how the talent group is used. The description is displayed in the data overview for the talent group and can be read by the members of the support team.

Created on

The date on which the talent group was created.

Person responsible:

The name of the user who created the talent group. The person responsible is always a member of the support team of the talent group. He or she can edit the talent group or delete it if required.

Support Team

The support team consists of persons who process a requisition together and search for suitable candidates. The various team members have different roles depending on the tasks they undertake in the recruitment process.


Electronic documents that supplement the talent group. These documents are visible for all members of the support team.


Relationships to other objects in SAP E-Recruiting




Several candidates can be assigned to a talent group.

The data for a candidacy is stored in the following infotypes:

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