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 Phrase Management (EHS-BD-PHR)


This SAP component supports the central management and translation of text modules called phrases .

You can use phrases to perform the following language-independent activities:

  • Record information about a specification, such as first aid measures, or R and S phrases (see Value Assignment )

  • Output texts on EH&S reports (see Report Creation: Process )

  • Output dangerous goods texts on dangerous goods documents

Phrases are managed in phrase libraries, from which you select one library for editing data. You can update active phrases after importing a new version of the passive library by creating phrase references from the passive phrases to phrases in the active phrase library. In addition, the SAP system enables you to compose the active library from phrases from several different passive libraries.


The SAP EH&S component tools supports phrase import and export in productive systems. This means that phrases can be translated outside the SAP system, for example.

You use engineering change management and change documents to assign validity periods to phrase changes, and to record text changes as language-dependent.

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