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 Cost Center Budget Planning


Cost center budgeting provides a further method of planning in addition to primary cost and secondary cost planning. This tool enables you to carry out a comparison between actual postings and plan budgets. You can thus determine when the budget is exceeded and carry out timely availability checks. You can create budgets

  • for a single cost center or

  • for cost centers of a cost center group

You can see the budget data in a budget report . The budget report compares plan data , commitment data, and actual data (resulting from actual postings) as well as the allotted and available amounts.


Before you can plan your budget, you must create a budget profile during Customizing for Cost Center Accounting. Alternatively, you may use an existing profile. You can change the following budget profile settings when you are planning your budget:

  • Budgeting time frame

  • Decimal places

  • Scaling factor

  • Distribution Keys

  • Fiscal year or period values

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