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 Accrual/Deferral Postings (Accrual Engine)


The Accrual Engine in Lease Accounting enables you to post accruals/deferrals in General Ledger Accounting automatically.

After classification has taken place, the Lease Accounting Engine forwards the data required for the accrual/deferral postings to the Accrual Engine .


The Accrual Engine is integrated with the Lease Accounting Engine and Financial Accounting. The Lease Accounting Engine supplies the Accrual Engine with the data it needs to post accruals/deferrals. These accrual/deferral postings are automatically transferred to Financial Accounting.


You have configured the following settings in Customizing:

  1. Settings that define the data that the Lease Accounting Engine transfers to the Accrual Engine:   Financial Accounting  Lease Accounting  Specifications for Controlling Processing  Integration to Accrual Postings  Specifications for Accrual Postings  

  2. Settings within the Accrual Engine:   Financial Accounting  Lease Accounting  Specifications for Controlling Processing  Integration to Accrual Postings  Accrual/Deferral Postings  Basic Settings  Accrual Calculation  Accrual/Deferral Posting  

If the Accrual Engine settings mentioned under point two above are not sufficient to cover your requirements for accrual/deferral postings, you can configure additional Accrual Engine settings by choosing   Financial Accounting  Financial Accounting Global Settings  Accrual Engine   .


The accrual engine supports two types of process:

  1. Creation of master data in the Accrual Engine by transferring data from the Lease Accounting Engine. This master data is stored in the form of accrual objects in the Accrual Engine .

    Note Note

    The Lease Accounting Engine processes a lease. When doing so, it evaluates the settings for controlling processing. This evaluation indicates that accruals/deferrals have to be posted. As a result, the Accrual Engine creates an accrual object for the lease.

    End of the note.

All of the postings made by the Accrual Engine are based on the data stored in the accrual objects.

  1. Carrying out accrual/deferral postings. The following accrual/deferral postings are possible:

    • Accrual/deferral postings when accrual objects are created or changed.

    Note Note

    In Customizing for the Accrual Engine , you have configured the accrual type in such a way that an opening posting is made when an accrual object is created.

    End of the note.
  • Periodic accrual postings:

    These are carried out during a periodic accrual run.


You have to start the periodic accrual run manually, for example, as part of your period-end closing activities. To do so, choose the following from the SAP Easy Access menu:

  Financial Accounting  Lease Accounting  Accruals/Deferrals  

Accrual Engine: Start Periodic Postings

The following activities are also available:

Reversing a Periodic Accrual Run

Balance Carryforward

Reconciliation of Accrual Engine with Financial Accounting

Transferring Accrual Engine Documents to Financial Accounting

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