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  Creating Inspection Plans


If new specifications were created or data changed in specifications that are relevant for quality inspection, you can create one or more inspection plans for these specifications.

One inspection plan is created for each combination of specification, rating, plant, and material. You also have the possibility of grouping ratings together. In this case, an inspection plan is created for every combination of specification, plant, and material. If, during creation of the inspection plan, data is found to overlap in one value assignment type for one specification, a message to this effect appears in the log . In these overlap cases, no data is transferred to the inspection plan from this particular value assignment type.

You have the option of assigning a change number to inspection plans. To do this, you must have created the corresponding change numbers in engineering change management in Logistics and approved the change number for use in inspection plans.


You have edited the required basic settings and the data relevant for inspection plans .


  1. Search for the specifications for which you want to create inspection plans. To do this, use one of the following procedures:

  2. Select the required specifications and choose Start of the navigation path Extras Next navigation stepQM Inspection Plan Creation. End of the navigation path

    The selection screen for inspection plan creation appears.

  3. As additional selection criteria, enter a Material , Rating , or Plant .

    Note Note

    The Customer and Vendor fields do not have a restrictive function. If you make entries here, the inspection plans are created with reference to the specified customer or vendor.

    End of the note.

    Note Note

    If you set the Group all ratings indicator, all ratings for the selected specification are grouped together in one inspection plan. If you entered a number of ratings under with the quick info text Multiple Selection , only these are grouped together.

    Make sure that when you group ratings together, data does not overlap.

    End of the note.
  4. Choose with the quick info text List .

    A list containing the selected specifications appears. An inspection plan is created for each line.

  5. Specify a key date from which the inspection plan is to be valid.

  6. Specify a change number if necessary.

    Note Note

    If you specify a change number, the key date is overwritten with the date of the change number.

    End of the note.
  7. Select the lines in the list for which the system is to create inspection plans.

  8. Depending on when you want to create the inspection plans, proceed as follows:

    • If you want to create the inspection plans immediately, choose with the quick info text Execute .

    • If you want to create the inspection plans at a later stage, proceed as follows:

      1. i. Choose Start time .

        A dialog box appears where you can specify execution times and dates.

      2. ii. Enter the required data and save.

        The list containing the selected specifications appears again.

      3. iii. Choose with the quick info text Execute .


You have created one or more inspection plans. Display the inspection plan creation log to see whether the process was successful.

Caution Caution

When you create an inspection plan for the same specification again, the system does not create a new inspection plan but simply updates the existing plan.

End of the caution.

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