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Function documentation 2-Step Picking 


For 2-step picking, the picking process is divided into two separate steps. You optimize the picking process by collectively removing stock from your warehouse for several outbound deliveries or transfer requirements in the first step, and only reassigning the materials you have withdrawn to the relevant outbound deliveries or transfer requirements in the second step.

With this procedure, you pick a large number of outbound deliveries or transfer requirements all together. Advantages of two-step picking include:

  • You remove the total amount of material required in the first step. In doing so, you minimize the total number of picking transactions necessary for picking.
  • Stock removal and allocation are two separate warehouse processes. You create a separate transfer order for each of these steps.
  • You can monitor each step of the 2-step picking process in detail at any time.


You have activated two-step picking at warehouse number level in the Customizing for Warehouse Management.

Type of Two-Step Picking

Customizing Settings

For outbound deliveries

Warehouse Management

Interfaces Shipping 2-Step Picking

For transfer requirements

Warehouse Management

Activities Transfers Set Up 2-Step Picking for Transfer Requirements

Material dependent for outbound deliveries or for transfer requirements

You have activated two-step picking (see above).

If you have set the indicator 2-stMatl, the system defines whether you want to pick the material direct from the warehouse or if you have planned two-step picking for the material, based on the 2-step picking indicator in the material master (Warehouse Management 1 view).


You have formed a

group of the outbound deliveries or transfer requirements relevant for outbound delivery.


We recommend that you define

strategy R for the intermediate storage area "intermed. zone 2-step pck" in the Customizing for Warehouse Management under Master Data Define Storage Type.


2-step picking divides the picking process in the warehouse into two separate steps:

Steps in 2-Step Picking

Picking Step


Step 1: Removal

In the first step, you pick the entire quantity of materials needed to fulfill the requirements from several deliveries or transfer requirements.

During withdrawal, you take the total required quantity of each material specified in the outbound deliveries or transfer requirements from the source storage bin to an interim storage area (interim storage bin).

Step 2: Allocation

During the second step, you divide up the materials and allocate them to the individual requirements. You transfer the respective partial quantities from the intermediate storage area to the respective destination storage bins.

During allocation you divide the total quantity of the materials amongst the individual requirements specified in the outbound deliveries or transfer requirements, and transfer them to the corresponding goods issue zones.


This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

2-Step Picking



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