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 Shop Floor Information System: Input/Output Diagram

In addition to the Gantt diagram, you also can use an input/output diagram in the operation analysis and a production order analysis . The input/output diagram is only possible for the very detailed information structures S021 and S022.

You can use the input/output diagram to gain a quick overview of the production process of a particular work center.

In the input/output diagram, the actual input curve and the actual output curve are compared with the target input curve and the target output curve. The input and output curves consist of a cumulation of the capacity requirements of incoming and outgoing production orders and are shown on the time axis.

The input/output diagram gives you a clear view of the supply and delivery process of a work center for production. If the difference between input and output is very large, this points to ineffective control of the work center. The closer the logistical frequencies are to each other, the more effective the order flow.

For a more detailed analysis, you can drill down on the input/output diagram according to capacity.

You can also branch from the input/output diagram to the Gantt diagram. The Gantt diagram shows the production orders for the selected work center and compares the target and actual flow times on the time axis.

Note Note

You can only call up the input/output diagram if you have already selected a work center, i.e. this graphic can only be called up for one characteristic value of the characteristic ‘work center’.

End of the note.


If you want to call up an input/output diagram, proceed as follows:

  1. In an initial or drilldown list, position the cursor on the characteristic value for which you want to display an input/output diagram.

  2. Select Start of the navigation path Edit Next navigation stepInput/output diagram. End of the navigation path

The input/output diagram appears for the work center on which the selected characteristic value is based.

From the input/output diagram you can:

  • Drill down according to the capacity

To do this, select from the menu of the graphic Start of the navigation path View Next navigation stepCapacity Next navigation step. End of the navigation path

In order to scroll between the individual capacity types, click on the arrow button in the toolbar of the graphic.

  • Branch into the Gantt diagram

The Gantt diagram appears when you double-click on one of the curves that is shown in the input/output diagram.

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